We connect companies to capital and cooperation partners

LIM-o is a business video platform primarily for startups, but also for established companies who are looking for capital or cooperation partners. The portal offers users the opportunity to present their project (e.g. investment offer, company sale, search for a business partner) in video format quickly and easily to a broad public. 

Possible projects:

  • Investments (in startups, but established companies as well)
  • Company sale (e.g. 100% share transfer)
  • Cooperation arrangements of all kinds (e.g. franchises, sales and distribution or production partnerships, etc.)

Potential investors or cooperation partners who register will receive access to the details of the project and its key performance indicators, as well as access to the contact details of those behind the project. Because they enjoy the 2-week preview option, registered investors also have the distinct advantage of being able to view new projects two weeks before they are released to the general public.

The portal is financed exclusively from the registration fees paid by project starters, investors and cooperation partners.

There are no additional costs – and no commission or performance fees involved. Contacts via LIM-o are COMMISSION-FREE!

This internationally brand-new concept gives companies, investors and cooperation partners the opportunity to come into contact with one another, no matter what country they are from. Possible projects include share purchases, company sales and any one of a range of collaborative partnerships.


Below some regulations for your project video:


  • The Video should be about 2 Minutes
  • The Video format should be .mp4 format for direct upload, but you can also link it from YouTube
  • Don't mention your contact adress or website in your video, this will be given to registered users only
  • Details on the business plan etc should be given in the details only, due to the fact that it will be given to registered users only


Some options for the content of the video


  • introduce yourself
  • introduce your project or product
  • tell somethink about the status and activities on the projects
  • for whom do you looking for



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